Marriage Fitness Review – Did It Really Work For Me?

Marriage Fitness Review – Did It Really Work For Me?

Are you looking for information about Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel?

In this Review I want to share with my personal review of Mort Fertel’s Program you can expect to find an overview of Marriage Max, what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it and then my overall thoughts.

First let me tell you a little about my personal story….

Four years ago my wife told me that she did not love me anymore and she wanted a divorce. I remember how heart broken, confused and helpless I felt. So I am writing this Marriage Fitness Review from my heart in hopes of being able to help others who are in the same shoes I was in four years ago. I share this info because my wife and I are a success story of this system so I know first-hand, IT WORKS.

When I started Marriage Fitness my wife wanted nothing to do with it, all she wanted was for me to stay out of her life and not waste her time, she thought that there was absolutely no way to save our marriage. Myself on the other hand I had a bit of hope and knew that I could not live with, so I started the program by myself.

What Is Marriage Fitness ?

Marriage Fitness is a marriage counseling alternative that teaches how to neutralize your problems and put into practice a system of relationship habits that will shift the momentum of your marriage . It is a step by step relationship changing system which includes:

  • Tele-Seminars with Mort Fertel
  • CD Audio Learning Systems
  • Workbook and Journal
  • Live Q&A Tele-Conferences
  • Homework Assignments
  • 1 on 1 Private Sessions
  • Members Only Website
  • and more

These relationship changing tools are implemented through a few different programs. Mort Fertel designed a few different Marriage Fitness Programs so that there is an option for every marriage problem and budget. The different pragrams are:

  • Tele-Boot Camp
  • Home Flex
  • Audio Learning Program
  • 1 on 1 Private Sessions

On top of these programs Marriage Fitness offers  a free email service  “7 Secrets for How to Save a Marriage.” Over 100,000 people a year subscribe to this free e-course that alone can help to save your marriage.

Click Here For The Marriage Fitness Official Website

Marriage Fitness Review – What I Like

 First of all my favourite part about Marriage Fitness is of course the fact that it saved my marriage.

I personally used the Tele-Boot Camp which includes:

  • 7 Tele-Seminars hosted by Mort Fertel
  • A 1-on-1 Private Phone Session with Mort Fertel
  • A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System
  • The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Journal
  • 3 live Q&A Teleconferences hosted by me, Mort Fertel
  • 7 “Homework” Assignments
  • A 7-Week Implementation Schedule
  • Members-only Web Site
  • And More!

One of my favorite parts about the Marriage Fitness Boot Camp is the “That’s What I Was Going To Ask CD’s” because at any time I had a question they could be answered through the audio series with ideas to solve your questions. Almost every question I had was answered by the audio series with each track answering its own questions. Though there are way too many to list I will list a few here that I liked:

  • How Do We Rebuild Trust?
  • What’s Wrong With Saying I Love You?
  • My Spouse Is Moving Out What Do I Do?
  • How Do I Know When To Back Off?
  • What If My Spouse Thinks My Changes Are Manipulative?
  • What Do Women Want?
  • What If My Spouse Isn’t Trying?
  • How Do I Apologize So My Wife Forgives Me?
  • And so many more

I also really like the fact that I could spend as much or as little time on this program as I wanted/needed to (vs. traditional marriage counseling) because everything was in the comfort of my own home and I didn’t have to set up appointments to go in and talk to a counselor (which we tried and it did not work for us) every time I had a question or concern.

Click Here For The Marriage Fitness Official Website

Marriage Fitness Review – What I Didn’t Like

 Of course like with almost anything there something that we don’t like.

I think the thing that was the worst for me doing Marriage Fitness was having the patience going through the whole program. The program outlines a seven week implementation schedule.  And it did take me a little more than seven weeks before my wife came on board with me.

At times early on I even felt like this program was a waste of my money because I was not seeing any change in our relationship.

Also I did not always agree with some the techniques or ideas put forth by Mort. In my mind they did not make sense. For example, when my wife decided to move out he explained that I should help her move (which I later found out from her was a big part in her decision to try Marriage Fitness). Which was the hardest thing I did and I did not agree with it. I thought we were supposed to be saving my marriage not moving my wife out.

Marriage Fitness Review – Overall Thoughts

First off, definitely don’t buy any of the programs thinking that you can save your marriage overnight. This stuff takes action and patience on your part for it to be successful.

Marriage Fitness works well as a Lone Ranger or Duo Track. If your spouse doesn’t want anything to do with fixing your marriage there is no need for both parties to be involved. One person can save and fix a marriage, I know because I am living proof.

So my overall thought is if you are prepared to take action and save your marriage then I believe that this marriage counselling alternative can indeed work for you!

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